Scheduled for Tuesday, October 26, 11 am MST

Route Webinar

5 Ways to Decrease Support Tickets Pre-Holiday Rush

The holidays are coming, and nothing crushes holly jolly cheer faster than a stuffed support queue that’s about to get even longer. Join us live on Tuesday, Oct. 26 to learn and chat with Route pros so that you can master pre-holiday customer support strategies and prep for a smooth shopping season.


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Unwrap the best customer support strategies and tactics with Route

This live webinar is the perfect way for ecommerce merchants to ease the holiday hustle with a little help from Route experts. It’s free for everyone and covers:

- Preparing support teams for the hectic holiday rush.
- Setting up proactive customer communication that keeps ticket count low.
- Giving customers the tools to self-serve issue resolutions.
- Maximizing customer experience during a stressful time.
- Supporting your team and customers in the most caring and efficient ways. 
- Whatever questions you bring to the table for live conversations!

Learn insights and how-tos from
in-house Route experts

Pick the brains of Route pros who have unique insight into today’s most common customer inquiries. With a view into how the world shops, they know all the troubles that happen from tracking to support and beyond.

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Aaron Drewery
Product Support & Operations

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Courtney Oleson
Merchant Experience

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Kelcee Taylor
Customer Experience

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Shanna Rupp
Support Operations

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Margaret Julian
Product Marketing

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Dillon Moffitt
Track Partnerships